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A Guy rushed towards us

The following are the words of Ayesha.
I was meeting my friends after a long time. We were very much lost in our talks. Every one of us was sailing with excitement on the stories each of us was telling about ourselves.
There were many people at that location. Anyone who was going nearby us was saying, ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, ‘Good Evening’, ‘Excuse me, then other things’, etc. Suddenly, a guy rushed towards us and went siding us away. He would have collided with us and also he did not care if anyone is there or not. Then, I said to him, ”Hey mister, excuse me”, while walking where he wanted to go, he gave me an arrogant look. That moment, I thought, “I should meet this guy again very soon to make him learn manners. He should know how to behave.”
I found that Guy studying in the library One day, I found that guy studying in the library and no one was sitting near him. I thought of going to him and teaching a lesson or two to him, but I controlled myself as we were in the library. So, I decided to k…

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A Guy rushed towards us

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