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Equal Priority To The Extra Activities As Other Subjects In School Or University Education

Are sports, dance and other co-curricular activities given equal importance as education in a student’s life, these days? Some people will say “yes nowadays, sports and other non-educational activities are given equal priorities with education by saying that now there are many sporting institutions, many sporting clubs, dance institutes, drawing classes.”, but are they enough? But does everybody get the pleasure of these things with education ? The answer is a big NO.
Let’s discuss the reasons  for this thing. Some kids don’t get the proper backing for those extra activities from their parents as their parents tell them to have more concentration on education and state the extra activities as non-necessary and less important to their kids. And there are also kids who are not able to practice these extra stuffs due to financial problems of their parents, in this case the parents could not do much after spending so much on their kids’ studies, and then comes the case of the kids who wan…

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