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My Memories with Comic Books

My cousin brother had a great collection of Indian comic books. I was introduced to the comic book world by him (my cousin brother). When I was a kid, I used to stay at my cousin’s place on some weekends. Those days were of great fun. Me and my cousins (one sister & one brother, both are elder than me). Those weekends were about my cousins and me playing with a rubber ball, playing video-games, listening to songs and a little bit of studying too.
I got to know what a comic-book is

One day, at my cousin’s place, I got the attention of a bundle of thin books kept on the bookshelf. Then I asked my brother about the books. My brother said to me, “These are not only books, these are comic books.” But I had no idea what a comic book is. My brother took out a comic book from the bundle and tried to put some comic book sense into my head. The pictures, the narrations and the dialogues in the comic-books fascinated me a lot. The comic books were about the “Chacha Choudhary and Sabu”, “Cheeku…

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