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Friendship in Your Life

Do you remember the days when you were a kid? There was someone with whom you used to be very happy. He or she might be your mother, brother, sister or anyone else. Do you know what they are called? They are called friends.

There is a saying that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”, however, the simple definition of a friend is anyone with whom you feel comfortable with, feel relieved and share your thoughts freely with.
Friends are those with whom you love spending time, whether the time is good or bad. Having friends in your life is like a journey. This journey starts right after we get born. In this early phase of our life, the family members who take care of us are our friends, like our parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, etc.

When we grow little older, we get to meet more and new people, especially of our age groups. Then we get close to them, we get fond of each other. We play, see TV, and most importantly, enjoy with each other.

Then, we grow up to the age of going to school.…

Childhood with Bollywood, Cricket and Kids Shows

When I recall about my childhood, mostly, it is about cricket, Bollywood, and cartoons.

I remember my uncles and cousins visiting our home for lunch on Sunday on the occasion of a cricket match consisting of the Indian Cricket Team.  I was in class II (2nd grade) then and was enjoying some cartoon show, I think it was “Bat-man”, then my father snatched away the t.v. remote from me for watching a cricket match that day. I hated my father that day, because it was going great for me watching Bruce Wayne doing something with his “Extra Large Screen Computer” in the Bat-Cave, wearing the Bat-man suit, taking out weapons from his belt and fighting with the villains like “The Joker”, “The Penguin”,”Two-Face” and more.

Now, let’s move back to my father, cricket and tv remote. So, I hated him for the remote snatching scene for cricket but now, I am 23 years old, and I do the same thing with others who are younger to me.
I did not know then how the game is celebrated in our country
I hated my f…

Don't rely on Predictions Completely

According to what I read in some English newspapers, If you are born between January 20th and February 18th, your zodiac sign is “Aquarius”. If you are born between February 19th and March 19th, your zodiac sign is “Pisces”. If you believe in the above, then do you know how is it going to benefit you?
If you properly observe any astrologers, you would get to know that most of their sentences contain “may”. This means that there is no guarantee that it is going to happen with you.
I take the predictions as “the pitch report before a match” and life as cricket matches or tournaments.

Always believe in yourselves and consider the predictions if they are positive for you and if not, forget about it, but don’t sit back and ride on it.

These Things Happened again at the Wankhede Stadium

Again, Wankhede becomes Magical for the Batsmen in the 2nd Innings Since 2011 World Cup Final, It has been a tough task for the bowlers to resist the batsmen in the 2nd innings at Wankhede.
In the 2011 World Cup final, India batted 2nd and was the better side,  but the story was not same in yesterday’s match against New Zealand & the 2016 T20 world cup semi-finals against West Indies(now Windies). In both of the mentioned matches, India had good scores on the board but failed to defend it. The batsmen in the 2nd Innings were unstoppable in the 2nd Innings. Yeah, there were dropped chances, but the way it happens most of the times in Wankhede, it is magic for me. This magic may be the cause of the hot and humid conditions there, causing sweat in the fielders’ hands.
It has also happened in the IPL many times. We have seen Mumbai Indians winning from nowhere at the Wankhede, batting second
Records falling in Love with Virat Kohli Virat Kohli surpassed Ricky Ponting’s 30 One Day Internati…

Do we Know the Right way of Selling an Used Electronic Device?

You don’t think about selling your old device till you do not need some extra cash, whether it is for buying you a new phone or something else, but till this situation comes, you do not care about what happens to your phone, you may care about it if it has some contents which can get you in trouble when it goes to some alien hands.
What are the things that you face, while selling your old electronic device?
You dream of getting some amount of money and doing different things with that money. But, the sad part is that you never get the amount of money you have thought of initially and your heart starts to break during the meetings, which brings you down to the floor of your dreams.
You get to know about the other defects of the phone which you never knew before while meeting the buyer.
You get to hear stories about how the type of phone you are presenting, has been offered to the buyers at a lower price. If you do not agree with the buyer’s proposed price, then the buyer gives the ideas o…

Do You Have a Healthy Environment?

Day by day, the pace of our lives is increasing. There are lots of work to do in less time. And, in this scenario, we try to skip things or the things get skipped by mistake. Everything has its effect on something whether it’s good or bad. For example, you have woken up late in the morning. After brushing your teeth in a hurry, now, you rush towards your food, finish your food or half-finish it, so that you can reach your office, school or college as quick as possible. In the process, you leave your dirty plate on the table and it affects the environment in your room in a bad way. The cockroaches and creatures like that look out for the stuff you have left on the table (your dirty food plate).
You may not even know that why you have fallen sick and wonder “How can I fall ill for no reason?”, but, as I have already said that everything has its effect on something, so that dirty thing on your table may be the reason for your falling ill. To get rid of falling ill from your dirty plate, a…

To cheat or not to cheat in exams

Why do students cheat in exams?
a) They (students) want to score more marks with less effort. b)Syllabus doesn’t get completed in time, but, the questions in the exam come from the overall syllabus. c)Pressure from parents & peer-pressure to score good marks.
By doing so, cheating may become a habit for the students and this may lead to corruption. Cheating has the tendency to make people do less effort for their jobs but expect more results than they deserve.
If you would ask the students (who cheat frequently), ”why do you cheat?”, then, the answers of most of the students would be , “we don’t get taught ,the right way. The teachers are not good.”, but that's always not true.
Everyone gets crazy when a bollywood movie copies a Hollywood movie or a south-Indian movie, then why not discuss about this issue of cheating, which in, some, way is the base of these things.
To solve this issue, the following things may be considered.The syllabus should be such that it can be completed in…

Why the experts advice to choose a work which you love or are passionate about?

We should choose something which  we have an interest in, which would make us happy after its completion. When you choose something you love or feel good about it, then, the whole process becomes a lot easier and less stressful.
If you are forced to do a work which you have no interest in, then, it is going to be a loss to you and the one who is forcing you to do the same. When you go through a difficult phase in your work(in which, you don’t have any interest), you get a hard time dealing with it plus you don’t like the work, this makes it very complicated & you may feel depressed which would add up to the pressure.
In the other hand, if you face problems in the work you love, then, first of all, the problem does not seem like a problem, it becomes a challenge and a challenge can be completed if the work is done very cautiously which you can do very easily, since, you are fond of the work. Through challenges, you get to learn so many things, which make you grow as a person.

Having A Remote Control To Someone's Life

If you have a remote in your hand, then you have the right to change the TV channels as quick as possible, but if you have the remote in your hand to change someone’s life either in a positive way or the other way, then you should do the same very cautiously and with great concern,
because as a whole, they may seem like a bunch of small parts of your life but each of them has his/her own life. They may or may not know what’s good or bad for them. You should guide the ones who don’t know what’s good for them, make them realize what bad they are doing by giving them examples of other people and try to surround them with positive thoughts.

I Saw IPL Grow

Things were very different before IPL (Indian Premiere League). Before IPL, as a school kid, I used to play carroms, do my holiday homework or watch movies and other stuff on T.V. on my summer vacation.  But, all of these things changed when the Indian Premier League came intoexistence, my playing, studying & other stuff did not collide with the IPL match timings.
Before IPL, I had in my mind that football is for counties or club format (e.g. English Premier League, La Liga, etc.) and cricket is for International matches, but, IPL changed my perception about it and I am sure it also changed the thinking of the people all over the world.
Before IPL, there was the mighty Australian Cricket team which won almost every match, they played. But things did not remain the same after IPL. Now, there is no one team which dominates the international cricket matches like they (Australia) did. At this time, you would see ICC ODI rankings keep changing and there is always more than one at the …

Your Life Is Like A Clock

Your life is like a clock, you are like one of the number lines marked on the clock, and the hour hand, minute hand & the second hand are the opportunities you get in your life.

If you stick to your basics and hang in there like the number line, then the opportunities will come to you again and again like the hour hand, minute hand & the second hand.

Most of us feel bad and lose hope when we miss an opportunity, then we stop trying, but this does not make any good to us rather it makes things complicated. So, we should take inspiration from the clock as I mentioned above, never lose hope, wait for the next opportunities, and keep trying for what you want.

Going Through Stress

Nowadays, many people or I should say almost every person in the world is getting bounded by the clouds of “Stress”.
First of all, what is stress? Stress is anything which forces you very hard to go against the direction in which you want to opt. Now, stress has become a part of our life. It has become like ‘common-cold’, it can catch everyone, at any moment, at any time. People from every category, such as students, office going people, actors/actresses, sportspersons, etc. It would be very wrong if it would not be considered as a serious issue. Now, it is time that it(stress) should be looked into very seriously because chances are very high that its(stress) results are very horrifying and would continue to be so if not checked seriously. It can force a person to do horrible things which include such stuff that can make him/her incapable of seeing the next dawn.
Let us see how stress affects the lives of people all around us. A student always wants to get better marks, but this sho…

Plan It To Make It Easier

When you plan for a work then the work becomes easier. Suppose you have a project to complete in your workplace, you are the team leader and you have not planned for it, but you have decided to start the project from a particular date and end it on another date. You have also told the team members to start the project from the same day and nothing else. Then, in this case, nobody actually knows where to start, what part to do and what not to. In this scenario, the chances of making mistakes are more, and the project may exceed the target date.

Now, let us assume that you have planned for the project. Then, you know that which person has to work on which part of the project. Now, every team member knows how to divide his/her time to complete his/her part of work and the chances of committing mistakes are less.
We should also apply this thing in our life. Suppose you want to pursue something or you are going to do something prior in your life then you should plan it seriously before exe…

Spirit of Competition is Good but not if you are in the Same Team

Spirit of competition is good but not if you are in the same team. Suppose you are part of a team working for a project and you are looking to perform better than a team member or all the other team members. Now, this thing will make you notice the flaws of the other team members but overlook yours, and without knowing your flaws, you can’t perform better. It will fetch more pressure to you. It may also harm your relationship with the other team members and the performance of the team.
So, rather than competing with others, it would be better to compete with yourself because it will make you correct your mistakes, improve your performance and last but not the least, it would benefit your team.

Follow what successful people have done to be themselves

Usually, we follow what successful people do , but, it is more important to follow what they(successful people) have done to become successful. This will help us to grow and improve in our respective fields and as humans.
This thing will help us when we would be struggling to do something. It will increase our confidence to achieve what we want to and most importantly, it would help us when we would be going through a bad phase of our life.

Start From The Basics, Start Easy

When you have a work in hand, always start from the basics. Complete the basic, smaller and easier parts of the work, first. If you do so, then you feel fresher, positive and confident to do the rest  of the work.

Practically, you can examine that  the people who work out the basic, easier and smaller parts initially, complete the work more successfully than the ones who do not do the same. So, start from the basics and start easy.

Try Not To React Immediately To someone’s problem

Try not to react immediately to someone’s problem, because, sometimes, it may be dangerous.
First of all, in this situation, you have to understand the problem, he/she is having. To do so, you have to think through his/her point of view. “Thinking through one’s point of view” means that you have to imagine what should you have done if you would have gone through the same situation, and whether it would have been right or wrong.
After doing so, you can give the right reaction or advice to the person.

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