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Positive or Negative Vibes Having Influence on People

There was a match of a tournament going on somewhere. It was an Inter School Cricket tournament. The batsman batting at that time was being easy on the bowlers. He was playing grounded and defensive shots as he was taking his time adjusting himself well for playing big shots later. That time, one of the teachers of some school said to another teacher, “Why is he in the team? He has not even hit a sixer till now from the morning. He is doing nothing but boring everyone.”
In reply to this, the other teacher said, “why do you think so? Be positive. He is just taking his time. He is getting ready for a bigger inning. They are young children. Let’s motivate them. Winning is not everything, the improvement and development of the students are more important. So, just keep calm and relax.”
Observation of the Scenario In this scenario, we can observe two kinds of people and they are the two mentioned teachers. The first teacher seemed bothdemotivating and impatient but the other teacher was looki…

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