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Half a Glass of Water for Saving Water

Avoiding Wastage in Parties
When I used to live in my colony, I and my friends used to have dinner together on special occasions. We used to serve together, dine together and have fun together. While doing so, we always had in mind that anyone doesn’t have any food or drinks more than one of us usually consumes or as the quantity decided before the party.
I think everyone might be doing the same thing as we do while having a party or function with your closed ones. If this is the way we think about parties then why not do so while drinking water in our daily lives. Why not take the amount of water in the container as much you have to drink. So that everyone gets the equal amount of water and the water doesn’t get wasted.
Livpure'sInitiative To support this thing, Livpure has started an initiative called ‘CuttingPaani’ which means half a glass of water. It says that we should take half a glass of water instead of a full glass of water. If we take half a glass of water ,that is, ‘Cuttin…

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