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Aarav's Story Which Will Motivate you

Introduction: There was a boy named Aarav. When he was born, he was not much healthy but the doctor made him better in his supervision, however he was always weaker than the kids of his age.
The way the boy grew up:
Then the kid grew up. He went to school. He was always scared of crowded place. People who knew their family used to say that the reason for the kid’s fear of crowded place was due to the negative things faced by his mother when she was pregnant. Due to his fear he struggled to make friends, whether in school or in any other place. Because of this nature of his he used to get teased by other children in school. But his parents were always to his rescue, they used to talk with the children and the teachers they always used to make friendships between their son and the other children. This made the kid’s life better in school.

How his life changed in a good way and then afterwards in a little bad way:

Then afterwards, he made very good friends, met the ones with whom he had never…

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