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Taking Out some Time for a 'Me Time'

What does ‘Me Time’ mean to me?
‘Me Time’ means a lot to me. It makes me enter a zone where I can keep account of my good works & mistakes of my past and the stuff which I have to do which I feel would be good for me.
The good works whether small or big make me motivated especially in the times when I don’t feel so good about myself. The mistakes make me check on the stuff in which I have to learn from or improve in.
After thinking about these past stuff, I plan things for moving ahead in my ways and do a little Pranayama and exercises. I do these things because I think they are going to be beneficial to me.
‘Me Time’ is very important to me
We go through many situations in our life. We get many thoughts in our mind. We meet different people with different mindsets whether they are our relatives, friends or any stranger. Apart from these, we also have certain duties and goals in our life which sometimes get away from our sight because of the above-mentioned things. So, to focus on our …

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