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Loved video-games in my childhood

Do you like video games? Some love them, some hate them and some don’t care about them. I used to love video-games in my childhood a lot. Here, I am not talking about high graphics 3-dimensional or 4-dimensional  kind of stuff. I am talking about the 2-dimensional TV video games. I used to have that type of video-game console. To play with it, you had to connect its audio and video wires with the Tv. Then, you would be having the game cassettes having names like ‘8in 1’, ‘6 in 1’, ‘4 in 1’, ‘99999999999 in 1’, etc. You have to insert that cassette into the video-game console to play. There was an eject button for the cassette to come out of it.
My first experience with the video-game On weekends, I with my family used to visit my cousin’s house. There was one Sunday, I was in my cousin’s place. I saw something which I had never thought it existed. I used to love cartoons very much. The cartoons on the TV attracted my eyes that day. Then I observed that these cartoon characters were mov…

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Loved video-games in my childhood

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