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With Great responsibility come Greater Distractions

If you are a spider-man movie fan, then you must have heard this dialogue, “with great power, comes great responsibility”. I just want to add something to this dialogue, “With great responsibility, come greater distractions”. Yes, you heard right, distraction is a thing, which no one would not have faced.
Distractions While Exams(especially during board exams) Now, it is the time of board exams, who would be better than the students to ask about the distractions at this time. Most of the students read the textbook with the distraction of reading the text messages on the phone. What is the reason for this distraction? It’s because today’s students are habituated with chatting through phones. Is it really a distraction for the students. I think students don’t take this as a distraction but their parents do. At first, I said, “with great responsibility, come greater distractions”. In this case, parents see the board exams as a responsibility, and the other things student usually do, as distr…

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