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Going Through Stress

Nowadays, many people or I should say almost every person in the world is getting bounded by the clouds of “Stress”.
First of all, what is stress? Stress is anything which forces you very hard to go against the direction in which you want to opt. Now, stress has become a part of our life. It has become like ‘common-cold’, it can catch everyone, at any moment, at any time. People from every category, such as students, office going people, actors/actresses, sportspersons, etc. It would be very wrong if it would not be considered as a serious issue. Now, it is time that it(stress) should be looked into very seriously because chances are very high that its(stress) results are very horrifying and would continue to be so if not checked seriously. It can force a person to do horrible things which include such stuff that can make him/her incapable of seeing the next dawn.
Let us see how stress affects the lives of people all around us. A student always wants to get better marks, but this sho…

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