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Good Times Attract Many

You might have gone to many celebratory events, there, you might have observed lots of colorful lights and other beautiful decorative stuff. The beautiful, colorful and other shining stuff always attract our eyes and these stuff make the events or parties amazing.
In this great world of ours, we get easily attracted towards anything which looks beautiful to us, but that’s not the case always when there is not much beauty in something.
A person in his/her good times, attract many people towards himself/herself but in the bad times, he/she is not given the same importance as in his/her good times.
In our bad times, we can improve ourselves  to ourselves as much we can and be valuable to ourselves and others by our dedication and hard work. Our dedication and hard-work will do the same for us as the beautiful lights and flowers do to different parties or events to make them more beautiful and attractive.
You would understand totally what I want to say after hearing the story of this boy.


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