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Learn From The Baby How It is Done

The Baby in my friend’s neighborhood One day, I planned to meet my friend whom I had not met since a long time. So, I left for my friend’s place. After reaching his place, I had a great time with my buddy but the great time became greater when I saw a baby crawling on the floor in my friend’s neighborhood. 

Soon, I was introduced to the baby by my friend and the baby’s mother. When I went near the baby to play with him, he smiled at me and crawled to get his toys and play with them. It looked like he was researching on the toys when he was removing some part of a toy and then joining back to it and throwing them & picking them.  I think the baby had lots of work to do that day. He seemed like a busy baby, never steady, always doing something with anything. 

After having a wonderful time with my friend, his family, and the baby, I came back home and got busy with my work.
I visited the baby again to relax For months, I was working on a project. While doing so, I had found some problems …

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