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Get Closer to Your Dream of working/studying abroad through PTE

Do we have control on our dreams? Should a certain category of people dream about only a particular type of dreams? The answers to these questions would be obviously no. Anyone can dream anything. Everybody has the right to follow their dreams and make them true. One of those dreams are the dreams of studying or having a job in foreign countries.
Communication is the key for studying or working abroad
Whether we work or study in our nation or abroad, we obviously have to be hard-working and dedicated but when it is about doing the same in abroad, we need a little bit more than that. Whatever we study or work we do in abroad, we need communication between our classmates or co-workers, the people around us but we can’t do the same with our native language/s. So, we have to be good at the skills of English to do so.
Not only we should be able to speak English but listen to the pronunciation or accent of the speaker then only we can understand them and reply back to them. If you are worried a…

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