Conversation with That Successful Guy

Reporter (to a guy who got successful recently): Hello sir. Congratulations to you on this achievement of yours.
That Successful Guy: Thank you, thank you so much for this appreciation. It means a lot.
Reporter: Do you realize what great you have done for so many people? This is changing so many lives today. How was your journey? How did this thing strike your mind?
That Guy: The idea came to me from a problem that was being faced by someone I know. And the journey had its share of ups and downs.
Reporter: Can you please share this great journey with us?
That Guy: I think it would be better to share this journey with all through a book, series or movie but right now, I can summarize it for you within few lines. 
So, here follows my journey:
When this idea struck my mind, initially I was scared about whether I would be able to achieve it or not, but I kept moving ahead.
Then, I was scared about what people will say after hearing my idea, which may demotivate me, but I kept believing in it and …

One needs to be reminded how Good He/She is

In the office where Gulshan and Prakash work, Prakash was saying something to Gulshan.
Prakash: Do you remember when you had distributed sweets in the office in the joy of your son getting 10 CGPA (more than 95%) at the 10th board exams?
Gulshan: Yeah, I remember. How can I forget that day? My son had made me very proud of him that day……, but why are you talking about that day today?
Prakash (impatiently): I had loved the flavors and taste of the sweets you had brought that day. I want to know from where you had bought those sweets.
Gulshan: Yeah, why not? I had bought the sweets from ‘Shyamlal Halwaai Sweet Stall’. Has anything special happened?
Prakash (being excited): Yeah. Finally, I have bought my dream bike. It has cost me Rs. 1.5 lakhs but the bike is worthy of that much money.
Gulshan: Wow. Great. Congrats.
Prakash: I will show you the bike in the lunch hour, okay.
Gulshan: Yeah sure. I would love the same.
In the lunch hour, Prakash showed off his bike
In the lunch hour, Prakash show…

Dealing with his Superpower

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Rakshit got out of his house Rakshit got out of his house and was walking on a typical Delhi road, then suddenly a car comes with its full speed full of drunk boys and hit Rakshit very hard. He (Rakshit) fell 200 meters away from the place where he got hit. Rakshit woke up very comfortably from the ground, removed away the dust on his clothes using his hands while doing the same he noticed the dark blue particles are going back inside his hands after coming out for a little bit. Then his mobile phone rings. He picks up the call, after a few seconds, he says, “haanji, Shyam bol raha hoon. (Yes, I am Shyam speaking)”
After the accident, two people came to…

Vikash and Mahesh at a Restaurant (From 'The Story of a 23-Year-Old')

Note: You can also check out the previous post “The Story of a 23-Year-Old” which is a reference to this post.

Vikash has asked Mahesh to meet him at a restaurant where Vikash and his friends usually eat. Then, Vikash and Mahesh went to the restaurant and chose a table to sit around.
Vikash: Thanks buddy, for taking out time for me.
Mahesh: Really! You are thanking me! I don’t hear the same that much, but, no need to thank me, buddy, anytime for you.
Vikash (sarcastically): Ya ya. I know you have so much time to share with everyone.

Vikash(continues after the sarcastic comment): Okay forget that what I said. So, how is everything going on for you?
Mahesh: Everything is going fine and I have a piece of good news. Remember, the company in which I had got placed. I have finally got the date of joining the company, which means after 15 days from today I am leaving for Bangalore.
Vikash: Wow! Great. Awesome. So, this means you are going to pay for both of us today! Mahesh: Yeah. Why not?

Vikash and…

The Story of a 23-year-old

Whose Story is this? This is the story of a 23-year-old boy Vikash Sharma of middle class background, a graduate from an engineering college, who does not know, in which direction he should pursue his career. He has a “not so dumb and not so cool” attitude. He is not a party guy, talks what he feels, is required and he hates to wear formal shirts.   Vikash lives with his father, mother, and brother. Vikash’s family is not happy about the way in which he is taking his life.
Throughout his life Throughout his life, Vikash has always wanted to make a difference in his life. From his childhood to his present age, he has been hearing about what his friends and cousins want to be in their lives, some said they would be engineer, some said cricketer, dancer, doctor, etc. but Vikash was never sure, what he wants to do in his life, till now he does not know. Whatever Vishal knows or not, one thing he knows that he wants to do a job which no one is there to do, he wants to do something, for whic…

What will You like to have Sir?

One fine evening Risabh had gone to a restaurant with his 4 friends. Luckily all of them got a full table to dine.
Then, one waiter came to the table.
Waiter: What will you like to have sir?

Vikash ordered one plate Mughlai paratha, Alok ordered Chicken noodles, both Sushil and Farooq ordered naans & butter chicken. When it came to Risabh, he ordered a Chicken Roll. After hearing Risabh’s order the waiter laughed a little.
Waiter: Okay gentlemen. Your ordered food will be here very soon.
Risabh (to his friends): Guys did you look at how he made fun of me.
Vikash: Don’t take him (the waiter) seriously. I think he usually does this with everyone.
Risabh: Did he do that with all of you? But the point is that he shouldn’t do it. It’s wrong. There may be many reasons of mine for ordering that chicken roll. How can he tease me for something he doesn’t know.
The waiter came to the table with the food Risabh’s friends had ordered.
Waiter: Enjoy your food gentlemen.
Risabh (to the waiter):  Where is…

People and their Moods

You might have seen people with different moods. Some people carry the same mood most of the times, I mean to say that you might have known people who have a happy face most of the times or the ones who usually look not so happy or angry.
Let’s try to get an idea or two about moods through Rahul and Sujal.
Rahul woke up early On a random day, Rahul woke up early from his sleep like any other day. After brushing his teeth, he saw plenty of good morning messages on his phone. Then, he started getting ready for the office, while doing the same he was whistling his favorite song which shows how nice was the beginning of his day. While whistling he went towards his toast, had them and went near his bike, sat on it, started it and left for his office.
After entering the office, Rahul……….. After entering his office, greeted everyone he met by saying, ‘Good Morning’ very sweetly and also got the same sweet response, then, he started doing his works. A few hours later, he got the news that he was o…

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