Dating before Marrying

On a Sunday afternoon, Kaushik and Riya were together in a restaurant that is very well known for its hygiene.
Kaushik (to Riya): Was it your idea to have a date for finalizing the wedding?
Riya: Yeah. I had suggested my parents for this ‘meeting’, you are only calling it a date.
Kaushik: Oh come on, it’s obviously a date. By the way, your family seems very cool. They agreed to your ‘Date before Marriage’ thing.
Riya: Don’t give all the credits to my family, your family is also cool to agree on the same.
Kaushik: Actually, my family didn’t think about your suggestion that way. After they heard this idea of yours, they were very confused. Then, they shared the same with me, I found it cool and we are here, dating each other.
Riya: Okay. So, you love credits, what else do you love other than that?
Kaushik: Many things, and I think, one more thing is going to be added to the list before we leave the restaurant today. Oh sorry, it would be wrong to call a living being a ‘thing’.
They talked about…

We became a Couple

The following story is being narrated by Rajesh. The narration is about himself (Rajesh), Shivangi and their relationship. Here is the story in the words of Rajesh:

We had become a great couple, according to me. We did almost all the things couples do. We always met/ talked once or twice a day. When we ate outside, we always split our bills. There was no surprise birthday party. We always planned the day before any important occasion. There were small fights and arguments but they were like the way kids fight. So, we were like two kids who did almost all the things couples do.
The Final Year of the College It was the final year of the college, the year of placements. Shivangi was crazy that year and was making me crazy as well. She was preparing very well for the placements by working on the aptitude, technical stuff and was mirror practicing for the personal interview. She was also making me do the same things. I was doing all those things for her and only in front of her not at any oth…

The Story of Rajesh's Crush

Rajesh hails from a middle-class family. A few years ago, he was studying in a very popular private engineering college of our country. Now, Rajesh is going to narrate his story about how he had a crush in the college, how she became her girlfriend and what happened with their lives later. So, let’s hear what Rajesh wants to say.

When I first entered the College……….. When I first entered the college I was feeling a little low. It was not that nobody liked to interact with me or teased me for something, in fact, I had a few friends that day (First day of my college). Here is the reason why I was feeling low that day. That day, almost all the freshers whom I had noticed had some friends in the college whom they knew before (friends from childhood, previous school, college, etc), but that was not the case with me. As the days passed, I moved on from that low feeling and got synchronized with the college-life.
Talking about crush If someone is talking about his school or college life then it’…

The Target set for the Relationship

Kashish, Rohan, and Rahul were hanging out at Rahul’s place.
Kashish: Are you scared?
Rohan: Scared? Me? Yeah. A little bit.
Kashish: You should be scared as in the previous meeting you had very much opened your mind.
Rohan: But, what’s wrong in having an open mind?
Kashish (with a little anger towards Rohan): Nothing is wrong with your open-mind. The things which are really wrong are the things which you had said to my father that day.
Rohan (with a shocking reaction to what Kashish said, the reaction had a little bit anger too): Oh my God. Are you serious? Never in my life, I have spoken any bad words to or for your father.
Kashish (continuing her anger): I am not talking about that, you idiot. It’s about……………
At Kashish’s home,
Kashish’s Father (to Rohan): I have no problem with you two being in a relationship and I don’t mind that she is earning more than you, but, you should earn a certain amount and know the art of saving to have a good future. Kashish’s startup has become a com…

Conversation with That Successful Guy

Reporter (to a guy who got successful recently): Hello sir. Congratulations to you on this achievement of yours.
That Successful Guy: Thank you, thank you so much for this appreciation. It means a lot.
Reporter: Do you realize what great you have done for so many people? This is changing so many lives today. How was your journey? How did this thing strike your mind?
That Guy: The idea came to me from a problem that was being faced by someone I know. And the journey had its share of ups and downs.
Reporter: Can you please share this great journey with us?
That Guy: I think it would be better to share this journey with all through a book, series or movie but right now, I can summarize it for you within few lines. 
So, here follows my journey:
When this idea struck my mind, initially I was scared about whether I would be able to achieve it or not, but I kept moving ahead.
Then, I was scared about what people will say after hearing my idea, which may demotivate me, but I kept believing in it and …

One needs to be reminded how Good He/She is

In the office where Gulshan and Prakash work, Prakash was saying something to Gulshan.
Prakash: Do you remember when you had distributed sweets in the office in the joy of your son getting 10 CGPA (more than 95%) at the 10th board exams?
Gulshan: Yeah, I remember. How can I forget that day? My son had made me very proud of him that day……, but why are you talking about that day today?
Prakash (impatiently): I had loved the flavors and taste of the sweets you had brought that day. I want to know from where you had bought those sweets.
Gulshan: Yeah, why not? I had bought the sweets from ‘Shyamlal Halwaai Sweet Stall’. Has anything special happened?
Prakash (being excited): Yeah. Finally, I have bought my dream bike. It has cost me Rs. 1.5 lakhs but the bike is worthy of that much money.
Gulshan: Wow. Great. Congrats.
Prakash: I will show you the bike in the lunch hour, okay.
Gulshan: Yeah sure. I would love the same.
In the lunch hour, Prakash showed off his bike
In the lunch hour, Prakash show…

Dealing with his Superpower

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Rakshit got out of his house Rakshit got out of his house and was walking on a typical Delhi road, then suddenly a car comes with its full speed full of drunk boys and hit Rakshit very hard. He (Rakshit) fell 200 meters away from the place where he got hit. Rakshit woke up very comfortably from the ground, removed away the dust on his clothes using his hands while doing the same he noticed the dark blue particles are going back inside his hands after coming out for a little bit. Then his mobile phone rings. He picks up the call, after a few seconds, he says, “haanji, Shyam bol raha hoon. (Yes, I am Shyam speaking)”
After the accident, two people came to…

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