Can You Tell Me Who Am I?

When I had come to this house When I had come to this house, I was not alone. I came with my very close buddy and in comparison to him, I am very small in size. We are each other’s life. It would not be wrong to say that I am nothing without him.
People in the House In this house, there is one boy, one girl, and their parents. On our welcome day in the house, the parents took very good care of me and my buddy by comforting and providing us nice places to rest. I was very happy that I and my friend lived very close to each other in our places in this house.
Why the kids were interested in me? My struggle in the house started when the kids started hanging out with me. The brother and sister always fought with each other to take me towards them. Actually, I was not their main interest, I was just a medium for them to enjoy with my friend. They were very fond of my friend because he had the ability to show people different views and other stuff but he always needed my permission to switch f…

Taking Out some Time for a 'Me Time'

What does ‘Me Time’ mean to me?
‘Me Time’ means a lot to me. It makes me enter a zone where I can keep account of my good works & mistakes of my past and the stuff which I have to do which I feel would be good for me.
The good works whether small or big make me motivated especially in the times when I don’t feel so good about myself. The mistakes make me check on the stuff in which I have to learn from or improve in.
After thinking about these past stuff, I plan things for moving ahead in my ways and do a little Pranayama and exercises. I do these things because I think they are going to be beneficial to me.
‘Me Time’ is very important to me
We go through many situations in our life. We get many thoughts in our mind. We meet different people with different mindsets whether they are our relatives, friends or any stranger. Apart from these, we also have certain duties and goals in our life which sometimes get away from our sight because of the above-mentioned things. So, to focus on our …

A Park like this can Make Your Day

There is a park in my city which is 8 kilometers away from where I live. I like to spend time there and everyone should spend some time in a park like it because it is surely going to make your day. Now, I am going to describe the things about the park and the similar ones which would make you feel good.
When I visit the Park I am not that kind of guy who every day goes to the park, jogs & exercises there but I try to do the same once or twice a week as I don’t get time because of my works and the reason that I have my little workout at my house.

I always visit the park one-half to two hours before the sunset. Every time, when I reach the park I always see a lot of motorbikes and bicycles in the park’s parking area. While entering the park, there is a feeling of going through a different zone. In this zone, you get a great environment where there are many kinds of people and kids relaxing in their own ways like they have transformed into a new version of themselves.
Kids and other …

Things which don’t Make us Feel Good

In our daily life, we face a lot of situations which make us feel bad, but you believe it or not, there are very little and simple things which can cheer us up.
So, now let’s focus on the situations which make us feel bad.
(i)When the exams don’t go as expected We face a lot of exams in our life, whether they are for the school, college, entrance or for getting jobs or promotions, but their (exams) results don’t always go in our way. That time, the way we feel in a certain way which can’t be explained. At that time, we don’t want anyone to ask us about our results, but there are people who keep asking about the results whether they are friends when they have a meeting with you. It would not bother you if your near ones reply positively to your results but if not then it’s going to be a little hard for you.
After the results, you have to figure out what went wrong for you and have a plan about how and what you should study to get the desired results. For this, you can consult the people w…

The Things We don't think about Calendars Usually

As I look back, Calendars came to our house as new year gifts from shops, my father’s office, and his colleagues. The calendars were not only about days, months and years, it also had the great designs, beautiful sceneries, list of festival holidays of that year and great pictures of Gods and Goddesses.
My parents used to mark important days on the calendars in the ways we save the dates on our mobile phones as mobile phone was not a thing those days. Obviously, the important occasions marked on the calendar used to be some friends’ or relatives’ birthday & marriage anniversaries or marriage, but the list also included the days on which newspapers, milk, etc not got delivered to our house, so that they (my parents) can have some discussions on monthly bills with the people responsible for the deliveries.
Benefits of having Calendars As we all know, calendars help us in keeping our eyes on the dates of our essential events. It also gives us a message that when a day ends, another day…

The Connection between us and The Home Food

Home or Outside Home
Who does not love to have food outside the home? It is no secret how much we crave for the stuff in the food trucks on the roads, kebabs, tikkas, rolls which always call us through their mesmerizing smells.

Whether it’s somebody’s birthday or someone’s promotion, most of us go outside to satisfy our cravings and doing the same also feels very great, but it’s not always a good idea. We can’t eat outside all the time as it’s not that healthy as we have in our home and it’s not also good for your pocket especially if you are a person like me who is not into much costly stuff.
Nowadays, most of the people have become very health conscious and they really care about what they eat, what nutrients it contains. So, to keep a check on these measures for having a healthy food lifestyle, we have to mostly depend on home food as the ingredients, its quantity and its style of being made is in our hands. Also ‘eating and cooking food at home’ is one of the food trends according t…

Every Selfie is Perfect in its Own Way

The following picture is the perfect selfie for me.
This selfie is perfect for me because it has me & the sky which should be everyone's limit and another reason for its perfection is that it is actually imperfect. I am saying it as perfect and imperfect both because it may be imperfect as compared to a picture which would be clicked in the future and something which is perfect for me, may be imperfect for others and something which may be perfect for them, may be imperfect according to me.

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My story of perfection getting better
Here is my story of perfection getting better. It’s not a serious story. It just m…

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