Raj’s Old Buddy ‘His Bicycle’

Raj was getting nostalgic Raj was getting nostalgic about his school days when he used to go for his school and other classes riding on his bicycle and roam around his home town with his friends on their bicycles. He was thinking that how great were those days, he said to himself, “cycling around the town after the classes used to be so refreshing then. I miss those days so much.”
After getting a feeling about those days, he planned to keep aside his books and works for some time go for bicycling the next day as he was in his home town for some days. That moment he promised to himself that he would try to cover as much distance of his town he can (keeping in mind his stamina and fitness) on the next day’s evening.
He made sure that the bicycle is ready to be ridden on The next thing he did was checking the flaws in his bicycle which had not been ridden on for a while, then, he made sure that the bicycle is ready to be ridden on. That day, at around 10’ o clock in the morning, he made phon…

These are Too Much to Sell

“But these are too much. I don’t think that I can sell all these things.” The above line was said by a shopkeeper to a wholesaler when he (wholesaler) asked the shopkeeper to buy some new products from him (wholesaler). Then, the wholesaler says, “At least try to sell them. I am sure people will love them. If they don’t, then I will not ask you to buy the products the next time. ”
Now, let’s look at the following scenarios which are very much possible to happen after the conversation above.
The 1st Scenario Here is the first scenario. The shopkeeper keeps the extra products. He shows the products to his customers.  He explains the features of the products in such a way that it tempts the customers to try those products. He got successful in selling those products. Now, it is all on the products. If the people find the products helpful then they are going to ask for more of them and the shopkeeper is going to need the wholesaler for getting more of them.
The 2nd Scenario Let’s talk about the…

Your Action gives you more than You think

Rajesh was a boy who loved observing anything/anyone around him. Due to this habit of his, he used to get interested in many things from time to time. One very good thing about Rajesh was that whatever he took interest in, he was fully committed to it.
When he was 12 years old When he was 12 years old, after observing the kids in his colony he got into cricket and kept improving his cricketing skills. His cricketing interest grew more and he convinced his parents to get him enrolled to a cricket academy.
After a few years, it was the year of his 10th board exams and his parents didn’t allow him to continue in the cricket academy. His mother said, “This year, your focus should be on the board exams, not cricket. You can continue your cricket after the exams. ” After listening to his parents he started concentrating on his studies.
After the exams were over After the exams were over, his parents told him to start focusing on his career in, Engineering, Medical or Banking/Railways which was c…

Dinesh entered a Railway Station

Dinesh entered a railway station Dinesh entered a railway station. He was 20 years of age. He was very excited that day because for the first time in his life he was going to travel by train alone.
He checked the arrival time of the train He took out his ticket, checked the arrival time of his train, then he looked at the screen where the latest arrival times of the trains were written, after looking at his watch, he got that it was 8.03 PM at that time and the train is going to arrive at 11.37 PM.
He was enjoying his time at the station. He was loving the atmosphere there. From ‘atmosphere’, I mean the sounds of crowds, vendors, announcement regarding the trains by the lady's voice, the smell of the fruit juices, junk food and many more.
He was observing some people at the station While he was buying a packet of chips, drinks, magazines and other stuff, he was observing some people at the station. From all the people he had his eyes on, he was very much interested in observing two fam…

Two Organizations in a Village

There were two organizations in a village. Both of them had the same motive to produce products which could impress the people in the village and to which the people can relate to, but they had different ways to do the same.
The Organizations used to…….. One of the organizations used to produce the products which the people used to dream about but the other one used to make stuff which used to give the customers motivation to fight their weakness and problems. The products of the 2nd organization were made taking into consideration of the conditions and the surroundings of the people in the village.
The Village was divided The village was divided by the customers of the 1st organization and that of the 2nd organization, but most of them were the customers of the 1st organization. Then, after some years, the customers of the 1st organization got used to the same sort of the products. The people were beginning to feel that the things are not the same as it were before with the products. Bec…

The Boy shared his Feelings with The Girl

In a college somewhere, there was a boy who fell in love with a girl. After many days of only looking at the beautiful face of the girl, one day, the boy decided to share all of his feelings with the girl. After knowing about the feelings of the boy towards her, the girl said, “Sorry, you are nice but I am not interested in anything like that now.”
The Reaction of His Friend After hearing this from the girl, he went to his friend to share this with him. The friend replied, “are you crazy? You shouldn’t ask anyone in the first go. First, you start talking to each other, then, you be her friend and after that, you share your feelings with her.”
The boy said, “But, I didn’t have that much patience. I was going through sleepless nights for this.”
The friend replied, “Yeah, you are really crazy, but now, you have to move on because it seems that she is not interested in you.”
Boy:  No, I think there is something which is stopping her from expressing her feelings. I am going to ask her the rea…

He made Fun of his Friend

There was a group of school friends. Everybody in the school knew about that group. The friends were very fond of each other. Their bonding was such good that they never cared about anything when they were with each other

one of the friends was making fun of another friend One day, one of the friends was making fun of another friend’s nose. She then replied to it by saying, “Yeah, say whatever you want to, I don’t care about it. It doesn’t affect me. ” The other friends also joined him.
The naughty friend took this as a challenge and made fun of her after every period break and made the other friends laugh. He did this because he knew that everything has a limit and he wanted to cross that limit. At last, he was successful in his motive. The girl couldn’t tolerate more and her eyes got filled with tears. He said to the girl while laughing and celebrating, “I did it. It does affect you. I made you cry.” This thing made the girl very sad and embarrassed. She got very low on confidence that…

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