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Cheating and its Side Effects

First of all, let us find out what cheating is. Cheating is the phenomenon in which a person goes in a dishonest way to get something. So, it is obvious that it is an unfair thing.
Now let us talk why this feeling of cheating comes to our mind. This cheating stuff comes to our mind when we want to get something anyhow or in any manner.
Cheating can be of many forms. A student cheats in exams for getting marks. An official cheats in his/her office to get more money. A boyfriend cheats his girlfriend or a girlfriend cheats her boyfriend for his/her selfish reason(s).
Now let’s elaborate the given cases of cheating. Let’s start with the students cheating in the exam. This cheating story of the students starts from the pressure of getting pass marks or getting the marks he/she has aimed of. He/she plans to cheat in the exam if he/she may not have studied enough for getting the required marks. But by cheating the student is not going to learn anything, which would be a bad thing for his futur…

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