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5 Factors To Be Considered To Be A Successful Sportsperson

1.Interest: You should have an interest in the game. It should not be like that “ oh ! that cool boy is into the sport, I will have to get into that sport to seem cool and then I will be popular. “ or  “oh! This game has lots of money, I will have to go for it to become rich. “  You should not go for the game for these reasons. Having an interest in the game means you should be loving the game from your heart, you should be feeling very happy about playing the game and being part of the game. It( having an interest in the game) means that any other thought would not be running in your mind while you are  into the game. If these feelings go through your mind while being engaged in the game, then you have an interest in the game/sport.
2.Knowledge about the sport You should know every aspect of the game. You should be aware of everything about the game from its rules & regulations to every moves or tricks required for the game which suits you.
3.Mental Strength Mentally, you should be ve…

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