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Be Like Rahul, Be Smart

I know someone named Rahul who always wants to make his life and almost everything around him easier and smarter.
At the time when mobile phones were new At the time when mobile phones were new, Rahul's family members were among the first buying them (mobile phones). One day, when I saw one mobile phone in his hand (for the first time, I saw that thing), I asked him, “Is that a mobile phone?”
Rahul said, “Yeah, look at it, isn’t it cool?”
I said, “Why did you buy that for so much, just to pick it in your pocket? You already have a landline phone which does the same work which your mobile can do. ”
He said, “Look. Using a landline, you can only make a phone call from your phone, but by using a mobile phone you can send short messages to another mobile phone, you can call from wherever you want, you don’t even need a P.C.O for that. It can help you in urgency or passing important information away from home.”
one day, I saw a smart-phone in his hand Then many years later, one day, I saw …

Hello, You have won

Phone rings…… Someone picks up the phone.
Someone: Hello. Who’s speaking?
The Caller: Hello. May I speak to Mr. Abhiram Satpathy?
Abhiram (Someone): Yes. I am speaking.
Caller: Congratulations sir, you have won a car worth Rs. 5 Lakhs.
Abhiram (being conscious about the frauds happening these days): Oh okay, but, how did I win? I don’t remember being any part of contests or something.
Caller: Sir, you have been selected randomly from the customer database of the shopping network ‘WeShop’. Our company do this at regular intervals every year. Also, if you don’t want to take the car then we can end the money (Rs. 5 Lakhs) instead of it (car).
Abhiram: Thank you very much, when I shop from your network, I always get notifications for the same through e-mail, automated SMS and app but this time I only got the SMS.
Caller: I understand your concern sir but we provide notifications regarding these types of contests through SMS only. So, what do you want to take the car or money?
Abhiram: I need some …

A Guy rushed towards us

The following are the words of Ayesha.
I was meeting my friends after a long time. We were very much lost in our talks. Every one of us was sailing with excitement on the stories each of us was telling about ourselves.
There were many people at that location. Anyone who was going nearby us was saying, ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, ‘Good Evening’, ‘Excuse me, then other things’, etc. Suddenly, a guy rushed towards us and went siding us away. He would have collided with us and also he did not care if anyone is there or not. Then, I said to him, ”Hey mister, excuse me”, while walking where he wanted to go, he gave me an arrogant look. That moment, I thought, “I should meet this guy again very soon to make him learn manners. He should know how to behave.”
I found that Guy studying in the library One day, I found that guy studying in the library and no one was sitting near him. I thought of going to him and teaching a lesson or two to him, but I controlled myself as we were in the library. So, I decided to k…

A Travel to explore an Unknown Land

Letter of Invitation to an Event One day, when I checked my mailbox, there was a letter of invitation to an event. It was mentioned in the letter that many popular and powerful personalities of the globe are going to attend it.
It was followed by “You are being invited to this event as a lucky invitee for being with us(The place where I usually shop) for so many years”
At that time, an invitation to a glamorous and mesmerizing global event in my hand, I think I was the most excited and happiest person in the world at that moment.
A Chance to travel by Flight for the First Time Other than these things, one thing that I was excited for was that I had to travel there by flight (as other than the letter, there was a flight ticket to the place with another ticket to return) and I had never boarded a flight before then but I had a passport. I was so excited about it that I didn’t even care about the place having a weird name, which I had never heard of. Since my flight was on the next morning,…

Different Kinds of Classmates we find in School

Rahul: Have you completed your homework?
Sanjay: I have done the homework but given the notebook to Sahil for his homework.
Rahul: Yes, of course, although he is your best buddy. Wait for a second!! But Sahil has not come to school today. I think Sheela madam is going to make this day a hard one for you.
Sanjay: No, you know nothing. He is going to manage something and he has done stuff for me before like this.
After some while,
Rahul: See. I told you. He wouldn’t come. Now, best of luck to you.

You might have gone through many conversations or situations like the one above. Now, let's refresh our memories by talking about the different kinds of classmates we had in our school.
The Classmate who is your best buddy Let’s start with your best buddy in the class who sits beside you in the classroom, your partner in crime. He/she helps you in need and gets help from you in his/her need. He/she is the one who fights with you for your tiffins, video-games, movies, etc. and wanders, play and hav…

Why Did not They Talk to each other?

There was an official party going on somewhere. In this party, a boy notices a girl and moves towards her. Let’s see what this boy has in his mind.
Boy: Hi! Do you recognize me? I am from your college.
Girl: Hi! Yes, I know that you are from our college.
Boy: So, how are you? How are your friends?
Girl: I am good. Most of them (friends) are in this city.
Boy: How are they? Aren’t they at this party?
Girl: No, they had other plans. They didn’t want to get into this boring thing.
Boy: Boring? You mean this party? Didn’t you want to go with your friends?
Girl: Actually, I and my friends work in the same company and are in the same project team. Since I have the cleanest image among them in the office, so, I am here at the party covering up for their marriage party.
Boy: Is this party really that important?
Girl: Yeah, it’s very important for our project. You have asked enough questions to me. Now it’s your turn. How’re you doing?
Boy: Not bad. I have been hired by your company for a project.
Girl: O…

A Phone Call to the One in My Dream

Hey. Yesterday, something strange happened in my dream. Let’s go through my dream to get an idea of what it was like.
Now, you are in my dream. After seeing a social media post of my friend Rupesh,

Me: It has been a long time since I have not called Rupesh. I should call him now. Where is my phone? Oh. Here it is. Oh my God! I don’t have his number on this phone. I should check his number on my older phone.
Then, I called him. The phone rings. After a few phone rings, someone receives my call.
Someone: Hello, who’s speaking?
Me: Hello, I am Abhi. Is it Rupesh’s number?
Someone: I am sorry. I am not Rupesh.
Me: I am very sorry. I think I have dialed the wrong number.
Someone: Don’t be sorry. I am not Rupesh but it is definitely not a wrong one.
Me: What? I didn’t understand what you just said. Do I know you?
Someone: If you don’t know me then, why do you talk to me at times?
Me: I don’t remember you. When did I talk to you?
Someone: You do remember me a lot of time. You remember me like a lot of p…

Anything that matters is What and How You want Something to Get

Vikash: Oh! You are late today.

Naveen: Last night, we had a success party in our office and the boss has also given us a holiday today.

Vikash: Success Party! Great! It seems your boss has netted a big fish.

Naveen: Yeah, and we have also got some of the big fish.

Vikash: Congrats on that. Now, I have to bath and leave for office or I will be late.
Vikash says to himself, “Naveen is having a great ride in his life. It always feels great when you get something unexpected on that day from nowhere(he is mentioning about the success party and holiday here)”

Neighbors in a City Naveen and Vikash are neighbors to each other in a city. They are not the best of friends but usually meet during festive occasions in the society, wave to each other while going to their respective offices & have a conversation like the one above.

Vikash was very good in His Studies Vikash in his childhood was a boy whom Indian relatives and neighbors call “A Good Boy”. He has always obeyed his parents and others. He …

I Feel Good in The Morning

I am habituated with waking up early in the morning
Since my childhood, I am habituated with waking up early in the morning. As a child, I was used to be woken up by my mother early in the morning as I had to reach the school before 7:25 AM then as per the rules. So, I got this habit of waking up early, from my mother.
Using the Alarm Clock When I had reached the 6th grade, I did not need my mother to wake me up but I used an alarm clock instead of doing the same. As the time was passing, I was getting used to waking up near the alarm-clock time. I was so getting used to it that I started waking up on holidays as well but without the alarm clock.
In the present time, I don’t need an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning, and I leave my bed before the Sunrise. I only use the alarm clock if I have any important works to do that day or if the day itself is an important one.
There are some days on which I had woken up after the Sun had risen up. The reason for this is the more than usu…

Trap of Depression

Most of the people don’t think about depression as a problem Most of the people don’t think about depression as a problem. In their opinion, it’s just some tension in the mind which is just a normal part of life. People often feel that these are excuses made by the victim for not doing their works. They need to understand the problems he/she is facing which can’t be cured by applying balms only.
What does a Victim go through?
Depression is nothing but the tension or stress which grows and starts to take away the control of our mind from ourselves.
I have seen one friend of mine and my grandmother going through depression and heard many things what depressed people go through & how were they before getting into that phase. So, my views on depression are completely based on these things and I am not an expert on this topic.
When, initially, depression hits one person then he/she doesn’t get what it is and know what to do. When it happens the next time, he/she feels something is wrong bu…

India win Kabaddi Gold in The Olympics

The following news story is a work of fiction but it may be true in the future.

Great Moment of History It was a great moment of history for India yesterday as India beat South Korea in the nail-biting thriller Gold Medal match with help of great performances from everyone especially from Suresh Kumar and Harpal Singh. When the players were standing on the podium for the medal ceremony, their tears, happiness, and pride to represent the country at this level just gave the answers to every question at that moment.

Journey of the Game It’s not only the Gold medal winning moment but the whole journey of the sports and the founder nation of the game which has attracted a lot of people. Earlier Kabaddi was a sport which was mainly played by the people belonging to Indian villages. It was played by the people barefoot on the soil. Then, slowly, it went to cities and was also played in the schools competitively.
Rebirth of the Game The game was reborn when Kabaddi leagues came into play which had…

Can You Tell Me Who Am I?

When I had come to this house When I had come to this house, I was not alone. I came with my very close buddy and in comparison to him, I am very small in size. We are each other’s life. It would not be wrong to say that I am nothing without him.
People in the House In this house, there is one boy, one girl, and their parents. On our welcome day in the house, the parents took very good care of me and my buddy by comforting and providing us nice places to rest. I was very happy that I and my friend lived very close to each other in our places in this house.
Why the kids were interested in me? My struggle in the house started when the kids started hanging out with me. The brother and sister always fought with each other to take me towards them. Actually, I was not their main interest, I was just a medium for them to enjoy with my friend. They were very fond of my friend because he had the ability to show people different views and other stuff but he always needed my permission to switch f…

Taking Out some Time for a 'Me Time'

What does ‘Me Time’ mean to me?
‘Me Time’ means a lot to me. It makes me enter a zone where I can keep account of my good works & mistakes of my past and the stuff which I have to do which I feel would be good for me.
The good works whether small or big make me motivated especially in the times when I don’t feel so good about myself. The mistakes make me check on the stuff in which I have to learn from or improve in.
After thinking about these past stuff, I plan things for moving ahead in my ways and do a little Pranayama and exercises. I do these things because I think they are going to be beneficial to me.
‘Me Time’ is very important to me
We go through many situations in our life. We get many thoughts in our mind. We meet different people with different mindsets whether they are our relatives, friends or any stranger. Apart from these, we also have certain duties and goals in our life which sometimes get away from our sight because of the above-mentioned things. So, to focus on our …

A Park like this can Make Your Day

There is a park in my city which is 8 kilometers away from where I live. I like to spend time there and everyone should spend some time in a park like it because it is surely going to make your day. Now, I am going to describe the things about the park and the similar ones which would make you feel good.
When I visit the Park I am not that kind of guy who every day goes to the park, jogs & exercises there but I try to do the same once or twice a week as I don’t get time because of my works and the reason that I have my little workout at my house.

I always visit the park one-half to two hours before the sunset. Every time, when I reach the park I always see a lot of motorbikes and bicycles in the park’s parking area. While entering the park, there is a feeling of going through a different zone. In this zone, you get a great environment where there are many kinds of people and kids relaxing in their own ways like they have transformed into a new version of themselves.
Kids and other …

Things which don’t Make us Feel Good

In our daily life, we face a lot of situations which make us feel bad, but you believe it or not, there are very little and simple things which can cheer us up.
So, now let’s focus on the situations which make us feel bad.
(i)When the exams don’t go as expected We face a lot of exams in our life, whether they are for the school, college, entrance or for getting jobs or promotions, but their (exams) results don’t always go in our way. That time, the way we feel in a certain way which can’t be explained. At that time, we don’t want anyone to ask us about our results, but there are people who keep asking about the results whether they are friends when they have a meeting with you. It would not bother you if your near ones reply positively to your results but if not then it’s going to be a little hard for you.
After the results, you have to figure out what went wrong for you and have a plan about how and what you should study to get the desired results. For this, you can consult the people w…

The Things We don't think about Calendars Usually

As I look back, Calendars came to our house as new year gifts from shops, my father’s office, and his colleagues. The calendars were not only about days, months and years, it also had the great designs, beautiful sceneries, list of festival holidays of that year and great pictures of Gods and Goddesses.
My parents used to mark important days on the calendars in the ways we save the dates on our mobile phones as mobile phone was not a thing those days. Obviously, the important occasions marked on the calendar used to be some friends’ or relatives’ birthday & marriage anniversaries or marriage, but the list also included the days on which newspapers, milk, etc not got delivered to our house, so that they (my parents) can have some discussions on monthly bills with the people responsible for the deliveries.
Benefits of having Calendars As we all know, calendars help us in keeping our eyes on the dates of our essential events. It also gives us a message that when a day ends, another day…

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