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Anything that matters is What and How You want Something to Get

Vikash: Oh! You are late today.

Naveen: Last night, we had a success party in our office and the boss has also given us a holiday today.

Vikash: Success Party! Great! It seems your boss has netted a big fish.

Naveen: Yeah, and we have also got some of the big fish.

Vikash: Congrats on that. Now, I have to bath and leave for office or I will be late.
Vikash says to himself, “Naveen is having a great ride in his life. It always feels great when you get something unexpected on that day from nowhere(he is mentioning about the success party and holiday here)”

Neighbors in a City Naveen and Vikash are neighbors to each other in a city. They are not the best of friends but usually meet during festive occasions in the society, wave to each other while going to their respective offices & have a conversation like the one above.

Vikash was very good in His Studies Vikash in his childhood was a boy whom Indian relatives and neighbors call “A Good Boy”. He has always obeyed his parents and others. He …

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