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I Feel Good in The Morning

I am habituated with waking up early in the morning
Since my childhood, I am habituated with waking up early in the morning. As a child, I was used to be woken up by my mother early in the morning as I had to reach the school before 7:25 AM then as per the rules. So, I got this habit of waking up early, from my mother.
Using the Alarm Clock When I had reached the 6th grade, I did not need my mother to wake me up but I used an alarm clock instead of doing the same. As the time was passing, I was getting used to waking up near the alarm-clock time. I was so getting used to it that I started waking up on holidays as well but without the alarm clock.
In the present time, I don’t need an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning, and I leave my bed before the Sunrise. I only use the alarm clock if I have any important works to do that day or if the day itself is an important one.
There are some days on which I had woken up after the Sun had risen up. The reason for this is the more than usu…

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