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Everyone is Different from the others for a Reason

In my childhood, after seeing my sad face, my mother used to say, “God has given equal abilities to everyone, we should never feel lesser than anyone.” Then, I used to believe that and smile back to my mother. But now, I think that the Almighty has made all of us different from others so that we can make our own identity different from others and the difference comes from lots of stuff. So that we don’t look like a copy or replica of others. Usually, we don’t get this and try to do blindly what others are doing without knowing ourselves properly.
Everybody begins his/her life in different surroundings.A person gets his/her qualities from the surroundings where he/she spends his her time.
An Example of how Rohan and his life can be different from others Let’s have a look at this scenario. There is a boy named Rohan. Both of his parents are working. Everybody knows the amount of responsibilities parents have on their shoulders as both of their parents work. In that case, it’s very difficult…

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Everyone is Different from the others for a Reason

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