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Loved video-games in my childhood

Do you like video games? Some love them, some hate them and some don’t care about them. I used to love video-games in my childhood a lot. Here, I am not talking about high graphics 3-dimensional or 4-dimensional  kind of stuff. I am talking about the 2-dimensional TV video games. I used to have that type of video-game console. To play with it, you had to connect its audio and video wires with the Tv. Then, you would be having the game cassettes having names like ‘8in 1’, ‘6 in 1’, ‘4 in 1’, ‘99999999999 in 1’, etc. You have to insert that cassette into the video-game console to play. There was an eject button for the cassette to come out of it.
My first experience with the video-game On weekends, I with my family used to visit my cousin’s house. There was one Sunday, I was in my cousin’s place. I saw something which I had never thought it existed. I used to love cartoons very much. The cartoons on the TV attracted my eyes that day. Then I observed that these cartoon characters were mov…

Say Yes to the things You want to Explore

SayingYes to Friendship during my School Days 
In my school, there was a boy with whom nobody wanted to be seated with and be friends with in the class. Some children were saying that he scares the one who sits beside him. Some said that he is very naughty and disturbs the child who sits beside him and not make him read.

One day, in the morning, I was late for the school. So, I had to sit next to the boy, that day, the teacher made me to do so since, there was no other place to sit. In the Maths period, I had a doubt about one question, so, I asked about it to our Maths teacher but due to his busy schedule that day, he told me to clear my doubt in the next day. After saying that to me, our maths teacher left the class, right after then, the boy snatched the book from and started explaining the Maths problem to me and started solving it on his own. Due to this Maths problem, a conversation started between us and we got to know about each other a lot. After that, he became my best friend …

Tests or t20s in Your Life

In test cricket, a batsman’s most prior motive is to stay at the crease as much as he can, score as many runs as possible during his stay. As we all know that it is not mandatory for a test batsman to score runs in a particular number of overs. So, it becomes very important in test cricket to wait for the playable deliveries from the bowler for scoring runs and defending or leaving the unplayable deliveries. If any batsman goes for the unplayable delivery for scoring, then he has a great chance of being dismissed and troubling his team.
Can life be looked upon as test cricket?
I always feel that our life is also like test cricket where we are like the batsmen in the game. We face many opportunities, challenges, and problems in our life. The opportunities, challenges, and problems act like balls bowled to us in our lives. In my opinion, we should try to score fours and sixes on opportunities, that is, making most of them, take runs between the wickets on the challenges or you may hit t…

Half a Glass of Water for Saving Water

Avoiding Wastage in Parties
When I used to live in my colony, I and my friends used to have dinner together on special occasions. We used to serve together, dine together and have fun together. While doing so, we always had in mind that anyone doesn’t have any food or drinks more than one of us usually consumes or as the quantity decided before the party.
I think everyone might be doing the same thing as we do while having a party or function with your closed ones. If this is the way we think about parties then why not do so while drinking water in our daily lives. Why not take the amount of water in the container as much you have to drink. So that everyone gets the equal amount of water and the water doesn’t get wasted.
Livpure'sInitiative To support this thing, Livpure has started an initiative called ‘CuttingPaani’ which means half a glass of water. It says that we should take half a glass of water instead of a full glass of water. If we take half a glass of water ,that is, ‘Cuttin…

Everyone is Different from the others for a Reason

In my childhood, after seeing my sad face, my mother used to say, “God has given equal abilities to everyone, we should never feel lesser than anyone.” Then, I used to believe that and smile back to my mother. But now, I think that the Almighty has made all of us different from others so that we can make our own identity different from others and the difference comes from lots of stuff. So that we don’t look like a copy or replica of others. Usually, we don’t get this and try to do blindly what others are doing without knowing ourselves properly.
Everybody begins his/her life in different surroundings.A person gets his/her qualities from the surroundings where he/she spends his her time.
An Example of how Rohan and his life can be different from others Let’s have a look at this scenario. There is a boy named Rohan. Both of his parents are working. Everybody knows the amount of responsibilities parents have on their shoulders as both of their parents work. In that case, it’s very difficult…

Reactions You get On Your New Thoughts

What reactions do you get when you have new thoughts in your mind and express it to anyone? According to me, we get the following reactions we express our new thoughts to anyone: ·You get laughed off by the person.·You get scolded or abused by the person.·You get the reaction, “yeah, it’s interesting but……..”·You get the reaction, “Great, go for it. It’s worth a try.”
Let’s start with “Why you get laughed off?” As you know or must have seen that there are different kinds of people. From these different types of people, there is one kind of people, there is one kind of people who almost take everything in a funny way. Like everything, the characteristics of these types of people have a good and bad side. What is the thing which makes a person laugh? Usually, when a person sees anything which is unexpected and the thing goes in a happy (funny) way and the other person doing the thing has a weird expression on his/her face or a weird body language according to the observer. It is my point of …

With Great responsibility come Greater Distractions

If you are a spider-man movie fan, then you must have heard this dialogue, “with great power, comes great responsibility”. I just want to add something to this dialogue, “With great responsibility, come greater distractions”. Yes, you heard right, distraction is a thing, which no one would not have faced.
Distractions While Exams(especially during board exams) Now, it is the time of board exams, who would be better than the students to ask about the distractions at this time. Most of the students read the textbook with the distraction of reading the text messages on the phone. What is the reason for this distraction? It’s because today’s students are habituated with chatting through phones. Is it really a distraction for the students. I think students don’t take this as a distraction but their parents do. At first, I said, “with great responsibility, come greater distractions”. In this case, parents see the board exams as a responsibility, and the other things student usually do, as distr…

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