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Say Yes to the things You want to Explore

SayingYes to Friendship during my School Days 
In my school, there was a boy with whom nobody wanted to be seated with and be friends with in the class. Some children were saying that he scares the one who sits beside him. Some said that he is very naughty and disturbs the child who sits beside him and not make him read.

One day, in the morning, I was late for the school. So, I had to sit next to the boy, that day, the teacher made me to do so since, there was no other place to sit. In the Maths period, I had a doubt about one question, so, I asked about it to our Maths teacher but due to his busy schedule that day, he told me to clear my doubt in the next day. After saying that to me, our maths teacher left the class, right after then, the boy snatched the book from and started explaining the Maths problem to me and started solving it on his own. Due to this Maths problem, a conversation started between us and we got to know about each other a lot. After that, he became my best friend …

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