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Motor Bike for speed or Motor Bike for life

Are we confused or do not want to learn? We buy a bike. O.k. Then we buy a helmet, very good. But, we don’t wear the helmet every time we ride a bike because we prefer particular locations for wearing it (helmet). Most of us wear the helmet near traffic checking take it away from our head after crossing the traffic checking. We also take a little pride by fooling the traffic police here. Really, now the question is, are we fooling the traffic police or our lives? The helmet is not for saving a few bucks from your pocket but for saving your life. Your life is much more precious than the few bucks in your pocket.
Youngsters think that it’s cool to not wear a helmet while riding a bike. Ok, it may make you look cool but is looking cool is worth your life? You should first be alive to be cool. Some say, “everybody doesn’t wear a helmet, not all of them get affected.”  Those people who say those things are not going to come for your loved ones if anything happens to you.

The bike is for making y…

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