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These are Too Much to Sell

“But these are too much. I don’t think that I can sell all these things.” The above line was said by a shopkeeper to a wholesaler when he (wholesaler) asked the shopkeeper to buy some new products from him (wholesaler). Then, the wholesaler says, “At least try to sell them. I am sure people will love them. If they don’t, then I will not ask you to buy the products the next time. ”
Now, let’s look at the following scenarios which are very much possible to happen after the conversation above.
The 1st Scenario Here is the first scenario. The shopkeeper keeps the extra products. He shows the products to his customers.  He explains the features of the products in such a way that it tempts the customers to try those products. He got successful in selling those products. Now, it is all on the products. If the people find the products helpful then they are going to ask for more of them and the shopkeeper is going to need the wholesaler for getting more of them.
The 2nd Scenario Let’s talk about the…

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