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Trap of Depression

Most of the people don’t think about depression as a problem Most of the people don’t think about depression as a problem. In their opinion, it’s just some tension in the mind which is just a normal part of life. People often feel that these are excuses made by the victim for not doing their works. They need to understand the problems he/she is facing which can’t be cured by applying balms only.
What does a Victim go through?
Depression is nothing but the tension or stress which grows and starts to take away the control of our mind from ourselves.
I have seen one friend of mine and my grandmother going through depression and heard many things what depressed people go through & how were they before getting into that phase. So, my views on depression are completely based on these things and I am not an expert on this topic.
When, initially, depression hits one person then he/she doesn’t get what it is and know what to do. When it happens the next time, he/she feels something is wrong bu…

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