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To cheat or not to cheat in exams

Why do students cheat in exams?
a) They (students) want to score more marks with less effort. b)Syllabus doesn’t get completed in time, but, the questions in the exam come from the overall syllabus. c)Pressure from parents & peer-pressure to score good marks.
By doing so, cheating may become a habit for the students and this may lead to corruption. Cheating has the tendency to make people do less effort for their jobs but expect more results than they deserve.
If you would ask the students (who cheat frequently), ”why do you cheat?”, then, the answers of most of the students would be , “we don’t get taught ,the right way. The teachers are not good.”, but that's always not true.
Everyone gets crazy when a bollywood movie copies a Hollywood movie or a south-Indian movie, then why not discuss about this issue of cheating, which in, some, way is the base of these things.
To solve this issue, the following things may be considered.The syllabus should be such that it can be completed in…

Why the experts advice to choose a work which you love or are passionate about?

We should choose something which  we have an interest in, which would make us happy after its completion. When you choose something you love or feel good about it, then, the whole process becomes a lot easier and less stressful.
If you are forced to do a work which you have no interest in, then, it is going to be a loss to you and the one who is forcing you to do the same. When you go through a difficult phase in your work(in which, you don’t have any interest), you get a hard time dealing with it plus you don’t like the work, this makes it very complicated & you may feel depressed which would add up to the pressure.
In the other hand, if you face problems in the work you love, then, first of all, the problem does not seem like a problem, it becomes a challenge and a challenge can be completed if the work is done very cautiously which you can do very easily, since, you are fond of the work. Through challenges, you get to learn so many things, which make you grow as a person.

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