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Do You Have a Healthy Environment?

Day by day, the pace of our lives is increasing. There are lots of work to do in less time. And, in this scenario, we try to skip things or the things get skipped by mistake. Everything has its effect on something whether it’s good or bad. For example, you have woken up late in the morning. After brushing your teeth in a hurry, now, you rush towards your food, finish your food or half-finish it, so that you can reach your office, school or college as quick as possible. In the process, you leave your dirty plate on the table and it affects the environment in your room in a bad way. The cockroaches and creatures like that look out for the stuff you have left on the table (your dirty food plate).
You may not even know that why you have fallen sick and wonder “How can I fall ill for no reason?”, but, as I have already said that everything has its effect on something, so that dirty thing on your table may be the reason for your falling ill. To get rid of falling ill from your dirty plate, a…

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