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Learn From The Baby How It is Done

The Baby in my friend’s neighborhood One day, I planned to meet my friend whom I had not met since a long time. So, I left for my friend’s place. After reaching his place, I had a great time with my buddy but the great time became greater when I saw a baby crawling on the floor in my friend’s neighborhood. 

Soon, I was introduced to the baby by my friend and the baby’s mother. When I went near the baby to play with him, he smiled at me and crawled to get his toys and play with them. It looked like he was researching on the toys when he was removing some part of a toy and then joining back to it and throwing them & picking them.  I think the baby had lots of work to do that day. He seemed like a busy baby, never steady, always doing something with anything. 

After having a wonderful time with my friend, his family, and the baby, I came back home and got busy with my work.
I visited the baby again to relax For months, I was working on a project. While doing so, I had found some problems …

Get Closer to Your Dream of working/studying abroad through PTE

Do we have control on our dreams? Should a certain category of people dream about only a particular type of dreams? The answers to these questions would be obviously no. Anyone can dream anything. Everybody has the right to follow their dreams and make them true. One of those dreams are the dreams of studying or having a job in foreign countries.
Communication is the key for studying or working abroad
Whether we work or study in our nation or abroad, we obviously have to be hard-working and dedicated but when it is about doing the same in abroad, we need a little bit more than that. Whatever we study or work we do in abroad, we need communication between our classmates or co-workers, the people around us but we can’t do the same with our native language/s. So, we have to be good at the skills of English to do so.
Not only we should be able to speak English but listen to the pronunciation or accent of the speaker then only we can understand them and reply back to them. If you are worried a…

Good Times Attract Many

You might have gone to many celebratory events, there, you might have observed lots of colorful lights and other beautiful decorative stuff. The beautiful, colorful and other shining stuff always attract our eyes and these stuff make the events or parties amazing.
In this great world of ours, we get easily attracted towards anything which looks beautiful to us, but that’s not the case always when there is not much beauty in something.
A person in his/her good times, attract many people towards himself/herself but in the bad times, he/she is not given the same importance as in his/her good times.
In our bad times, we can improve ourselves  to ourselves as much we can and be valuable to ourselves and others by our dedication and hard work. Our dedication and hard-work will do the same for us as the beautiful lights and flowers do to different parties or events to make them more beautiful and attractive.
You would understand totally what I want to say after hearing the story of this boy.


Positive or Negative Vibes Having Influence on People

There was a match of a tournament going on somewhere. It was an Inter School Cricket tournament. The batsman batting at that time was being easy on the bowlers. He was playing grounded and defensive shots as he was taking his time adjusting himself well for playing big shots later. That time, one of the teachers of some school said to another teacher, “Why is he in the team? He has not even hit a sixer till now from the morning. He is doing nothing but boring everyone.”
In reply to this, the other teacher said, “why do you think so? Be positive. He is just taking his time. He is getting ready for a bigger inning. They are young children. Let’s motivate them. Winning is not everything, the improvement and development of the students are more important. So, just keep calm and relax.”
Observation of the Scenario In this scenario, we can observe two kinds of people and they are the two mentioned teachers. The first teacher seemed bothdemotivating and impatient but the other teacher was looki…

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