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5 situations through which great sports persons go through

Whether Maradona or Pele or Ronaldo or Sachin Tendulkar or may be any other great sports person. All have passed through many struggles.
All great sports person have shown great examples of what consistency is. Whether be Pele’s world cup winning performances, his career full of goals more than 1000 or Sachin Tendulkar’s cricket batting records especially his hundred centuries.
3. The Guiding Job
One of the great characters of great sports persons that they love to guide the players around them.
4. Injuries
 Bigger the players, the bigger is the pressure on their body. Whether be Maradona or Pele or any other great sports person, all have faced some sort of injury which had kept them out of their games in a period of their careers.
5. Returning To the Game With A Bang
All the great sports persons have always made great comebacks to their games, whether it may be from bad form or injuries. And this has always inspired the people watching their favourite sports all ove…

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