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The Reality of Generation gap in India

The phenomenon in which one generation is not able to cope up with another generation is known as a generation gap.
The generation gap is continuing from long years ago. First of all, let’s talk about the time when the care of our parents was taken by their parents. At that time, they (our parents) had to do whatever they had been told to, and if they would not have been done that, then it would have been seen as a crime, especially if you are a girl.
Mostly the victims of this generation gap were girls. They were not allowed to go outside their homes much; they were not allowed to talk to a boy. They were not allowed to wear some particular types of clothes. And after their marriage, they (girls) were told to whatever your in-laws say may be good or bad, you have to follow them.
That time there was no case of giving acceptance to what type of jobs they want to do. But in today’s life children have to struggle to say what they actually want to do in life.
In today’s time, most parents wan…

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