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Reactions You get On Your New Thoughts

What reactions do you get when you have new thoughts in your mind and express it to anyone? According to me, we get the following reactions we express our new thoughts to anyone: ·You get laughed off by the person.·You get scolded or abused by the person.·You get the reaction, “yeah, it’s interesting but……..”·You get the reaction, “Great, go for it. It’s worth a try.”
Let’s start with “Why you get laughed off?” As you know or must have seen that there are different kinds of people. From these different types of people, there is one kind of people, there is one kind of people who almost take everything in a funny way. Like everything, the characteristics of these types of people have a good and bad side. What is the thing which makes a person laugh? Usually, when a person sees anything which is unexpected and the thing goes in a happy (funny) way and the other person doing the thing has a weird expression on his/her face or a weird body language according to the observer. It is my point of …

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