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It is all About Willpower

What are the things needed for completing a work successfully? If this is the question then the answers from the people all over the world would be like the following. Some would say hard-work, some would say luck, presence of mind, curiosity, speed, talent, patience, etc. But all these things would be of no use if there is no will to do the required work.

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Doing a work without a will is like eating something you don’t want to eat or eating when you are not hungry. And if you do eat when you are not hungry then it doesn't feel like eating the way it should be.
Let us take an example of a car which has an auto-driving mode, good mileage, good shock absorbing facility, enough space for storing stuff and seating space for enough people. However, the value of all these features would be zero if there is no fuel. So, in our case,willacts as fuel for doing a work successfully.


Role of Good or Bad Influence in An Individual’s Life

Being in a good or bad influence for an individual plays a major role in the individual’s life. This process of being in anyone’s influence starts from the time since the individual was in his/her mother’s belly. During the mother’s pregnancy ,the things the mother does, the things the mother watches on the TV, the mood the mother has, the behaviour given to the mother and the surrounding in which the mother is  have a great influence on the child, the mind of the child also develops according to these factors. And when the child grows up older, the development of the child’s mind depends upon the surrounding in which he/she lives, plays or do other stuffs. I mean to say that if the child plays with kids having bad thinking then the child will also develop that type of thinking. All the people in the world have different views on caste, religion, race, sex, etc. Its reason may be the the influence of the people they hangout with, they work in office, play, people of their family, etc.

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