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Humans Are Like Living computers

The things or data we want to have on the computer, we save it to the computer. Likewise, if you want to see something good in any person who may be a kid or a guy , then you should put the good things inside his brain or we can say, "Save " the good things to the person, like you save stuff in the computer. And if you want to make a person free from a bad habit, then you should delete the bad habit from the living computer, that is, the human. From this, I mean to say that make that person not think about negative stuff. If a person is very bad in nature and does not want to try for the good things which would make him/her a better person, then you should try to "delete" the negativeness from him/her and "save" positiveness to the person. In other words, make his brain memory, full with positive stuff. I am saying all these things because Humans are  like living computers.

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