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I Saw IPL Grow

Things were very different before IPL (Indian Premiere League). Before IPL, as a school kid, I used to play carroms, do my holiday homework or watch movies and other stuff on T.V. on my summer vacation.  But, all of these things changed when the Indian Premier League came intoexistence, my playing, studying & other stuff did not collide with the IPL match timings.
Before IPL, I had in my mind that football is for counties or club format (e.g. English Premier League, La Liga, etc.) and cricket is for International matches, but, IPL changed my perception about it and I am sure it also changed the thinking of the people all over the world.
Before IPL, there was the mighty Australian Cricket team which won almost every match, they played. But things did not remain the same after IPL. Now, there is no one team which dominates the international cricket matches like they (Australia) did. At this time, you would see ICC ODI rankings keep changing and there is always more than one at the …

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