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Different Kinds of Classmates we find in School

Rahul: Have you completed your homework?
Sanjay: I have done the homework but given the notebook to Sahil for his homework.
Rahul: Yes, of course, although he is your best buddy. Wait for a second!! But Sahil has not come to school today. I think Sheela madam is going to make this day a hard one for you.
Sanjay: No, you know nothing. He is going to manage something and he has done stuff for me before like this.
After some while,
Rahul: See. I told you. He wouldn’t come. Now, best of luck to you.

You might have gone through many conversations or situations like the one above. Now, let's refresh our memories by talking about the different kinds of classmates we had in our school.
The Classmate who is your best buddy Let’s start with your best buddy in the class who sits beside you in the classroom, your partner in crime. He/she helps you in need and gets help from you in his/her need. He/she is the one who fights with you for your tiffins, video-games, movies, etc. and wanders, play and hav…

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