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India win Kabaddi Gold in The Olympics

The following news story is a work of fiction but it may be true in the future.

Great Moment of History It was a great moment of history for India yesterday as India beat South Korea in the nail-biting thriller Gold Medal match with help of great performances from everyone especially from Suresh Kumar and Harpal Singh. When the players were standing on the podium for the medal ceremony, their tears, happiness, and pride to represent the country at this level just gave the answers to every question at that moment.

Journey of the Game It’s not only the Gold medal winning moment but the whole journey of the sports and the founder nation of the game which has attracted a lot of people. Earlier Kabaddi was a sport which was mainly played by the people belonging to Indian villages. It was played by the people barefoot on the soil. Then, slowly, it went to cities and was also played in the schools competitively.
Rebirth of the Game The game was reborn when Kabaddi leagues came into play which had…

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