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These Things Happened again at the Wankhede Stadium

Again, Wankhede becomes Magical for the Batsmen in the 2nd Innings Since 2011 World Cup Final, It has been a tough task for the bowlers to resist the batsmen in the 2nd innings at Wankhede.
In the 2011 World Cup final, India batted 2nd and was the better side,  but the story was not same in yesterday’s match against New Zealand & the 2016 T20 world cup semi-finals against West Indies(now Windies). In both of the mentioned matches, India had good scores on the board but failed to defend it. The batsmen in the 2nd Innings were unstoppable in the 2nd Innings. Yeah, there were dropped chances, but the way it happens most of the times in Wankhede, it is magic for me. This magic may be the cause of the hot and humid conditions there, causing sweat in the fielders’ hands.
It has also happened in the IPL many times. We have seen Mumbai Indians winning from nowhere at the Wankhede, batting second
Records falling in Love with Virat Kohli Virat Kohli surpassed Ricky Ponting’s 30 One Day Internati…

Do we Know the Right way of Selling an Used Electronic Device?

You don’t think about selling your old device till you do not need some extra cash, whether it is for buying you a new phone or something else, but till this situation comes, you do not care about what happens to your phone, you may care about it if it has some contents which can get you in trouble when it goes to some alien hands.
What are the things that you face, while selling your old electronic device?
You dream of getting some amount of money and doing different things with that money. But, the sad part is that you never get the amount of money you have thought of initially and your heart starts to break during the meetings, which brings you down to the floor of your dreams.
You get to know about the other defects of the phone which you never knew before while meeting the buyer.
You get to hear stories about how the type of phone you are presenting, has been offered to the buyers at a lower price. If you do not agree with the buyer’s proposed price, then the buyer gives the ideas o…

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