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Tests or t20s in Your Life

In test cricket, a batsman’s most prior motive is to stay at the crease as much as he can, score as many runs as possible during his stay. As we all know that it is not mandatory for a test batsman to score runs in a particular number of overs. So, it becomes very important in test cricket to wait for the playable deliveries from the bowler for scoring runs and defending or leaving the unplayable deliveries. If any batsman goes for the unplayable delivery for scoring, then he has a great chance of being dismissed and troubling his team.
Can life be looked upon as test cricket?
I always feel that our life is also like test cricket where we are like the batsmen in the game. We face many opportunities, challenges, and problems in our life. The opportunities, challenges, and problems act like balls bowled to us in our lives. In my opinion, we should try to score fours and sixes on opportunities, that is, making most of them, take runs between the wickets on the challenges or you may hit t…

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Tests or t20s in Your Life

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