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Why Did not They Talk to each other?

There was an official party going on somewhere. In this party, a boy notices a girl and moves towards her. Let’s see what this boy has in his mind.
Boy: Hi! Do you recognize me? I am from your college.
Girl: Hi! Yes, I know that you are from our college.
Boy: So, how are you? How are your friends?
Girl: I am good. Most of them (friends) are in this city.
Boy: How are they? Aren’t they at this party?
Girl: No, they had other plans. They didn’t want to get into this boring thing.
Boy: Boring? You mean this party? Didn’t you want to go with your friends?
Girl: Actually, I and my friends work in the same company and are in the same project team. Since I have the cleanest image among them in the office, so, I am here at the party covering up for their marriage party.
Boy: Is this party really that important?
Girl: Yeah, it’s very important for our project. You have asked enough questions to me. Now it’s your turn. How’re you doing?
Boy: Not bad. I have been hired by your company for a project.
Girl: O…

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