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A Park like this can Make Your Day

There is a park in my city which is 8 kilometers away from where I live. I like to spend time there and everyone should spend some time in a park like it because it is surely going to make your day. Now, I am going to describe the things about the park and the similar ones which would make you feel good.
When I visit the Park I am not that kind of guy who every day goes to the park, jogs & exercises there but I try to do the same once or twice a week as I don’t get time because of my works and the reason that I have my little workout at my house.

I always visit the park one-half to two hours before the sunset. Every time, when I reach the park I always see a lot of motorbikes and bicycles in the park’s parking area. While entering the park, there is a feeling of going through a different zone. In this zone, you get a great environment where there are many kinds of people and kids relaxing in their own ways like they have transformed into a new version of themselves.
Kids and other …

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