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Everything Should not Revolve Around Money

Think of the time when there was no money, every human was living a nomadic life that is every human had to roam here and there for food and shelter.
Then the time changed, the humans got civilized. They (humans) developed many things in their lifestyle. One of these developments was a medium for exchanging their goods.
The humans asked other things as reward or we can say payment for doing certain work. They used to exchange some types of things with other types of things. For example, if anyone wanted apples, then he/she would get them from the other person in exchange of cereals.
Then the humans started valuing things around them according to their demand and needs. So, they discovered an exchanging medium in the form of coins or we can say money.
Yes, it helped in exchanging different kinds of stuff, but then everybody wanted to have more of this exchanging medium that is money and our history is the proof what damage this exchanging medium has done in the name of power as one who has…

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